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Why Do I Need A Marine VHF Radio?

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Sunday, December 13, 2009

Author: Patrick Noack

Marine VHF radio is equipped on all abundant ships and most mechanical small crafts. They are used for various purposes. Marine VHF radios are used to call rescue services and to communicate with locks, bridges and marinas. These radios operate in the VHF repetitiveness extent, between 156 to 174 MHZ. They are mostly used for preventing collisions. Some countries actually powerfully dishearten the radio’s use for this purpose.

Marine VHF is a joined communication and receiver and only performs on approved, international repetitions known as channels. Channel 16 is the international distress and calling channel. Channel 9 can be used by some places as a distress channel as well. Transporting power extends between 1 and 25 watts, giving a utmost extent of about 60 nautical miles between aerials attached on alpine ships and cliffs, and 5 nautical miles between aerials attached on tiny boats at sea-level. Repetitiveness modulation is used.

Current day Marine VHF radios acquire various features in addition to basic broadcast and accept aptitudes. All fixed attach Marine VHF radios that are made present day have some level of DSC communications capability. The more high-priced units are able to perform of acting as a hailer when affiliated with a hailer horn, can labor with possible voice scramblers, and an inconsiderable amount of them have the power to use a Bluetooth headset.

Marine VHF usually uses simple transmission, where exchanging information can only obtain one direction at a time. A transportation button on the microphone decides whether it is accomplishing as a transmitter or a receiver. Most of the channels are set aside for double transmissions channels. On these channels, communication can obtain place in a few directions at the same time. All the double channels have two frequency assignments. This is essentially because, in the days prior to mobile phones became extensive, the duplex channels could be consumed to make calls on the community telephone complex for a fee. This is still ready for use in some areas.

Even though competitive vessels less than 20m in length do not have to have VHF radios, before you buy anything else, make sure you have a VHF Marine radio. If you are going to travel a few miles away from the shoreline, you should vigorously consider buying an HF or single side band radiotelephone or mobile satellite telephone and a second VHF radio as well. Your radio is part of your life insurance.

The Marine VHF Radio is definitely one of the greatest and most valuable pieces of security devices on board. With channel 16 and channel 70 being watched carefully 24 hours a day at the hand of the US Coast Guard, the VHF Radio can transfer a call for help, allow you to hear the most recent weather report, or plainly keep in touch and communicate with all the other boats on the water.

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