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Listen to Michael Jackson

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Thursday, December 3, 2009

Author: John Narvith Barcarse

Whether you grew up with Michael Jackson when he was in the Jackson five, or if you first learned of his music at a later point in his career, these songs became twisted with well-liked culture. They will always be a part of music history. His musical talent cannot be denied, irrespective of how much his life populated the tabloids as he got older.

Listening to his music brings back memories of going out with your mates, parties and love. His blockbuster hits like Thriller are still fun to hear. You can journey back in time when listening to these songs.

One can visit the Michael Jackson website to learn more details about this extraordinary artist. His music has touched us all in one form or another. Whether it was crying over the heartbreaking "Ben" or dancing to "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough," he was able to become part of all of our lives.

Michael Jackson's long career spanned almost 40 years. He planned a new concert tour at the time of his dying, so it is sure he had new music in mind. While we may never know what the future would have held, we are able to enjoy his past music as much as ever.

Whether or not you are a long time fan or only recently discovered his musical genius, Michael Jackson will bring plenty of entertainment into your life. Now is a great time to add more of his work to your record collections. Now that he has passed on, new albums are being compiled of his work that you can enjoy.

One of these new albums is the Michael Jackson final Collection. This giant set follows his complete career from childhood with the Jackson 5 to his last releases. It also includes a DVD of his music videos and concerts. Mixed with four full CDs of music, this collection is a must have for any one interested in music and music history.

As listen to Michael Jackson, you will be treated to the development of his song. You'll be able to understand how it changed as he grown as a human being and an artist. When you listen to Michael Jackson, you will be able to track his life in his song.

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