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The Sony Bravia KDL32W5500 - One For Your Shortlist

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Thursday, December 3, 2009

Author: Andrew Emerson

If you are looking for a cost effective and state of the art television then look no further than the new KDL32W5500. This television is guaranteed to give you hours of flawless picture quality and entertainment. Sony is a consumer electronics brand which is known for its innovation and technological advancement. This television has a mix of both style and features which will make any television buff's mouth water.

Sony is the type of company that has managed to build up a considerable fan following. There are people who are just simply hooked on Sony's development as each new television seems to push the boundaries of technology. In terms of design the Sony KDL32W5500 is sleek and has all the right curves.

The Sony Bravia KDL32W5500 has a larger screen area as well as a glossy finish will sort of gives you that brand new shinny feeling. This television also serves as a decoration piece as regardless of where you place it, it will definitely light up the room.

The Sony KDL32W5500 comes with a rectangular stand it comes with. This stand looks flimsy but its far from flimsy and although its small it can hold the weight of your television perfectly. With this television you never have to worry about the TV tilting over and falling. You also have the all time favourite option of wall mounting it which will give your living room or entertainment room a whole new feeling.

What is the quality of the Sony KDL32W5500

The quality of this Sony KDL32W5500 television is great and I would add that its picture perfect. This is no ordinary Sony television but rather it's a high definition television offering high quality 1080p which is the highest in the television industry. With great picture you also get great sound to match the picture pixel for pixel.

Set of features

Every Sony television to date has managed to load in more features than any other television on the market. Keeping up with past tradition this television is also loaded with superior set of features. The 4 HDMI inputs mean that you can connect as many gaming consoles as your heart desires and keep them connected. If you have a blue ray player go ahead and connect that to the Sony KDL32W5500 too. Additional features you might need to know a bit about is image blur reduction, a feature called motion flow, and the ability to connect the television to your home network.

This Sony Bravia KDL32W5500 television has the capability of being able to hook it up to your regular network and start enjoying content like movies directly from it. This in turn will reduce the number of cables you have running though your room. The television also produces wonderful picture quality regardless of the type of video format.

The model is not just another television that you can discuss and understand with the KDL32W5500 you have to see it in action to actually believe it. You cannot describe just how awesome this television is until you really see it. You need to be able to compare it side by side with others in the market to really appreciate how good it is.

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