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Sony Ericsson VH310 Bluetooth Headset: Features and Review

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Thursday, December 3, 2009

Author: Troy Baker

The Sony Ericsson VH310 gives 11 hours of talk time and 50 hours of standby time. The earpiece can operate at a 32-foot range away from your telephone. This hands-free calling device works with almost any of the Sony Ericsson line of phones.

The Sony Ericsson VH310 comes with three different earpieces and two removable hooks to assist Sony Ericsson cell phone owners in finding the right fit for their ears. There is no worry about the heaviness of the earpiece distracting you, rubbing your ear into irritation or the earpiece looking too clunky and out-of-place to passersby. It weighs only .35 oz, relatively lightweight, which makes it easy to insert it and forget about it.
The long battery life also is an asset to those who need to have a working earpiece with their phones all day. The average user can go for days at a time and not worry about charging at all.

Certain functions of the Sony Ericsson VH310 earpiece allow for wide flexibility in movement. For example, the volume can be controlled remotely on the earpiece and does not require you to place your hands on the volume control that is located on the headset. Voice-activated dialing and last number redial features also eliminate the need for having to rely so heavily on the headset.

There are no fancy curves in the design on the Sony Ericsson VH310. The simple, rectangular design avoids some of the high-end style features that present a faddish or dapper look. The focus is on the functionality and adjustability for each user. This makes it a phone that can easily adapt to almost any phone that is present now in the Sony Ericsson line as well as those planned for the future.

The movement by many states to ban phone use and texting while driving makes the Sony Ericsson VH310 device a necessity to save tickets and save lives.

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