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Google Android

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Saturday, December 12, 2009

Author: Derek Alvares
Google Android is a complete set of software for the mobile devices (mostly mobile phones) incorporating the operating systems, the applications and the requisite so to speak drivers and is built on the Linux kernel.

The current WM6.1 on every mobile is outdated and hardly updated. Users now need non-stylus smarter phones that would make applications a breeze to use..


Applications will include an Email client, SMS program, calendar, Browser, Contacts, etc under the Java platform.

Applications on Google Android are core centered or around the basic uses of the phone, and do not differentiate between phone and third party applications thereby allowing users to fully tailor the phones to their requirements.

Developers can combine data from the web with data available on the phone eg. contacts, calendars, from the phone database to provide more relevant information to a phone user researching the web.

By providing access to a wide range of libraries and tools through Android SDK, Android allows to build peer to peer applications that will run on on android powered mobile devices.


Google Android is available as a pre installed software on HTC Dream, HTC magic, and as released installations on Motorola Ming Nokia N810, Asus EEEPC 701, Samsung Omnia to name a few.

Future installations will be on Lenovo, Acer, Sony Ericsson and the like.


Google Android is criticized for the lack of multitasking abilities and the lack of a significant driver base. For these reasons some do not expect it to gain a major market share.
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