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Review of the Sony Bravia KDL40W5810

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Thursday, December 3, 2009

Author: Andrew Emerson

Why the Sony KDL40W5810 TV Is Great For Entertainment

The new Sony KDL40W5810 is available in the autumn of 2009. This Sony TV has all the bells and whistles built into it. I will go over all of the features, and I know that you will love with this television model. You will find several newer features in this TV that are not available in other televisions. The price is more expensive than other televisions however you are paying for the newest technology on the market today.

Like any TV on the market today, the buyer looks at the picture first. The picture on this Sony KDL40W5810 TV has a 1080 pixel resolution. What this means is the picture is very clear and clean. It is not blurry in any way, one reason is, something called the bravia engine 3. This makes the picture clear and it has no lines or static running through it. Because the picture is so great, it makes TV watching or playing games on the TV perfect in every way.

There is one feature that is unlike the rest. It is call the contrast enhancer. The enhancer makes the television picture look like you are face to face with someone and can see every detail. The enhancer also makes the darker coloring look almost real, like in a night time scene, the picture looks like you are outside at night. There is also a switch to control the sound and the picture. This is a newer feature of the Sony KDL40W5810 television.

This Sony KDL40W5810 television also has several settings including the Eco setting. This Eco setting includes a light sensor. The light sensor is responsible for adjusting the brightness of the picture, the brightness changes according to the lights level in the same room as the television. This is eco friendly in that it saves electricity.

The Sony KDL40W5810 television was designed with the best digital picture, as you watch the TV you feel like you are at the theater watching a movie, it is that good. What makes the picture so great is a 24p cinema true to life digital picture. The quality is the best that money can buy right now. You also have great sound produced by special surround sound speakers. There are two speakers which are called advanced S forcer.

The one feature that stands out on this Sony KDL40W5810 television is the digital photo frame that is built into this TV set. You are able to load all of you own personal pictures, or use the pictures that are already preloaded into this television. No more staring at a TV screen with nothing on it in the middle of the living room.

You can adjust the volume of the characters on the Sony KDL40W5810 television without having to adjust the background volume of your movie or television program. One of the best features of this television set is that you can watch TV along with browsing the internet and reading your emails on the TV screen. I do not think any other televisions have that kind of capability.

I am going to be bold and say that the features of this particular Sony KDL40W5810 television are more advanced than any other television on the market today. I have only given you a glimpse of what this TV has to offer. There are more features on the Sony KDL40W5810 that is worth a look. Just remember you are getting to best technology that is offered.

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