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Posted by Videos Gone Viral Saturday, December 12, 2009

Author: Toan Dinh
Both commercial and government Wireless Service Providers can optimize their network performance with the expert assistance available through 4G Unwired’s wireless network consulting services. Their ability to increase traffic throughput and improve subscriber Quality of Service (QoS) will boost profits and reduce churn, while providing the additional benefit of on-site On The Job Training for your staff.

Telecom integrators and vendors can also benefit from a partnership with 4G Unwired’s senior level engineering staff that has worked together for over fifteen years from its Melbourne, Florida headquarters, serving a wide array of US and international clients. This is extensive worldwide experience which encompasses all phases of wireless system design, construction and optimization will add immediate value to your team.

4G Unwired provides an ideal solution to client needs by keeping up to date with the latest innovations and technological breakthroughs in the wireless industry. Previously working to design and optimize 2G and 3G networks that we all use today, 4G Unwired now has the ability to support the latest cutting-edge 4G technologies, bringing the same level of quality wireless network consulting services that their clients have come to expect on each project.

Today, clients can benefit from a wide variety of wireless network consulting services through 4GUnwired, whether upgrading or expanding their wireless systems or increasing the level of technical knowledge and versatility of their staff. 4GUnwired can provide a comprehensive array of cost-effective solutions tailored to each its wireless network consulting projects in order to best suit a client’s needs. 4G Unwired’s expertise include wireless system design of UMTS, WiMAX, SMR, AWS and 700 MHz data networks and the specialize in the network optimization of existing GSM and CDMA systems worldwide. 4G Unwired also offers FCC/FAA licensing, filings and regulatory assistance, microwave and broadband network design, and complete in-building and DAS solutions.

4G Unwired is also one of the leading GIS services innovators in the wireless industry today with their SkyView RF Mapping™ services and SkyView Microwave Engineering Software – a commercially available software product that enables engineers to easily and quickly design Microwave and Broadband networks directly in Google Earth™. Unlike traditional engineering programs, SkyView Microwave provides the ability to share the Network Design with both colleagues and clients over the internet.

4G Unwired is committed to RF engineering innovation and hosts a service team that is both knowledgeable and passionate about the wireless network consulting industry. Recent endeavours have seen the company enhance its SkyView RF Mapping™ services which enables clients the unprecedented ability to view 4G Unwired’s engineering analyses of their network in Google Earth. This 3D internet technology from 4G Unwired allows clients to view their RF propagation, drive test and In-Building data from any computer and gives and their customers the ability to manage and share information about their wireless networks from anywhere in the world.

The 4G Unwired website is filled with in-depth details on each of the wireless services offered along with technical training classes that are available. Visitors can peruse the company’s consulting services or see a video to learn more about 4G Unwired’s innovative SkyView Microwave Engineering software.

4G Unwired is one of the industry’s most innovative wireless network consulting company’s and has earned an excellent reputation for both Best Practices and cost effective services. For more information on 4G Unwired’s wireless network consulting services and SkyView Engineering Software, please visit 4GUnwired or call: (321) 726-4183 or (877) 215-8494 toll free.

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