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Changing scenario of satellite TV

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Author: Lina Tiwa

Television has taken leaps and bounds in its development over the past few years. Companies are now making it easier then ever to get quality TV stations at amazing prices. There are many different ways of receiving this service. Lets take a look at some great ways.

The Old way of TV was classic boring cable television. You would get a little box and a remote and be opened up to 30 TV channels. Your cable company would have different prices for different packages, with some of those packages not even being optional to purchase. With cable, you get a monthly bill that would outline all of the details of your account. Great for its time but over the years this primitive way has changed.

The modern way of TV is the Satellite. This has been around for many years but has really gained popularity over the last 5 or so years. There are usually a few different companies providing a satellite service in any given area. Why this has caught on so much has to do with the variety it offers. Their programming is very loosely based, with the viewer having the freedom to change packages and choose a variety of different channels that aren't available to cable viewers. Like cable, satellite also charges a monthly fee for the service. With the television industry growing, costs for both cable and satellite have reduced pricing. Satellite does come with more of a cost though. Not only is there a more expensive receiver box but also the main satellite dish as well. The cost alone usually deters people from switching to satellite. Satellite is a great service but definitely comes with a cost.

Now for the future of TV. Satellite television for your PC or Laptop computer. Software for this has only really started being produced recently, but in that time has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from Internet users. How it works is you pay a one-time fee for the software and with this you get over 3000 stations. There are no monthly bills like with cable or regular satellite and for the one cost you get a ton of stations. The software is good no matter where in the world you are. As well the channels come in many different languages. This easy to to use one payment only software will be the up and coming way of television. Stay in the loop of technology and see what is really out there/


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