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Christmas 2009: Best Xbox 360 Games

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Thursday, December 17, 2009

Video Games have definitely changed the way we spend our time on recreational activites. Many kids play Nintendo Wii, and so do some adults. But the XBox 360 is the platform that allows for a wide range of video game genres, which makes it fun for all ages. This Christmas 2009, be on the lookout for these very popular video games!

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare is probably the most anticipated game of the season which why it is high in inventories wherever you go. This game is only for mature players because it brings warfare to life with high-end real life weapons and a demented storyline. The weakspot of this game however is the multi player mode. Say you wanted to system link the game so eight people could play. Well then you would need eight Xbox's, eight copies of the game, and eight TV's. This is only a must on you shopping list if you plan on playing by yourself.

Both kids and adults will love DJ Hero for Xbox 360. Battle it out as DJ's in your own home or online with the sweet turntables and/or the Guitar Hero controller. You will get the turntable and mixer controller with the game - this will let you scratch and mix a variety of songs. Multi player modes include DJ and DJ, DJ and Guitar, or DJ vs. DJ. 

For all your young ones, try and pick up a copy of Cars, the video game based on the Disney/Pixar movie. The game is heavily based on scenes from the movie and also has over thirty different races and games that will always be fun for the kids. There are over ten characters and its multi player which makes the game much more enjoyable.

DragonAge: Origins is the brand new single-player fantasy role playing game which lets players travel the land of Ferelden to decide the fate of player and ultimately the fate of the country. Players are allowed thousands of character customization options including abilities, appearance, race, class, and weapons. This game is best for the loner type kids.

Left4Dead 2 is most recent addition to Xbox's star lineup of video games that offers a puzzle like game as well as monsters and zombies. The player's performance in the game will decide the level of customization for cool effects, the enemies, and even the music. Even things like the levels themselves or the weather can be customized which adds excitement to the game. There are also hundreds of cool zombie weapons such as the new melee weapons, baseball bats, frying pans, chainsaws, and an axe. Get up close and personal with the zombies by chopping off a couple of heads!

If you have a gamer on your Christmas list then you should definitely try to buy all, if not some, of these video games for them. If you do, you can except everlasting love and affection.

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