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The simple way to Copy & Play Xbox360 Games Without a Mod Chip

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Thursday, December 3, 2009

Author: Keith Morse

Xbox 360 games are just some of the most up to date in the world now, with millions of men and women playing them every day. However , with the discs being in DVD format, they are simply damaged and scratched, possibly making the game unplayable. To stop this, you simply need to be in a position to make a backup of the game and play that on your console...

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This is truly bad, and is the reason why mod chips are so popular - because they make the Xbox 360 bypass all of the protection measures so you can play copied games.
if you do not want to void the guaranty on your Xbox, you can actually play backed up games by making your private computer copy the games perfectly, including the safety sectors.
The Xbox360 mod chip is a device employed in playing backup or import games on Microsoft's xbox 360. Majority of 6th and 7th generations of games consoles integrate hardware-based systems to guarantee the users will only play officially licensed games.

Installation of an xbox360 mod chip depends largely on the sort of mod chip you buy.

When you purchase an xbox 360 mod chip, it is mostly shipped with a free set of pins. The pins, which are called'pin headers', are designed specifically to be wired into the holes of your xbox 360's motherboard.

Though you'll need to fuse the pins into the motherboard, the method isn't as difficult as you expect. You just need to attach the pin headers into the motherboard and attach the xbox360 mod chip into the pin header once it is in place.

When you have connected the pin header into the motherboard, your xbox360 mod chip can now interface with the game console's hardware. However , be patient since the holes are built to fit this wire.

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