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Apple Tablet Confirmed

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Saturday, January 2, 2010

    The rumors were confirmed when Apple set a release date for the iSlate late night on January 2, 2010. An “Apple insider,” who wishes to remain anonymous, told us that they would hit the shelves in late February 2010. Details on the iSlate are still unknown however, until January 26th when Apple will hold a press conference revealing the touch screen tablet PC. But, we did get a couple of hints from the ex-president of Google China who claims to have received information from a “friend of a friend.”

    According to him, the iSlate will look like a bigger version of an iPhone, with a 10.1 inch multi-touch screen and also an enhanced user interface. A better interface than the iPhone? Sounds either like a dream or a delusion. He also told us that the iSlate combines the functionality of a Net Book and Amazon’s Kindle. On top of that, it will have 3G internet capabilities, video-teleconferencing, a virtual keyboard, and e-reader and netbook features. It will also be capable of using iPhone apps, the jewel of Apple’s success. He told us that the iSlate will sell for just under $1,000 and that Apple will produce over ten million tablets in the first year.

    Another source revealed that the iSlate will have several capabilities similar to laptops such as a built in DVD-RW drive capable of playing and burning movies and videos. It will also have a USB input so that you may sync your music onto your iPod or your iTouch. Apple has also decided that they will have high-definition screens with one at 720p and another at 1080p for $100 more. It is also rumored that it will be able to connect to wifi internet. Although the latter is not confirmed, the former is a guarantee.

    So far we can conclude that the iSlate will most likely be a combination of several different technological devices including the iPhone, the MacBook, a Net Book, a PC, and a Kindle. What Apple is trying to do is to create the ultimate user friendly experience at an affordable price. Although none of these details have been confirmed by Apple, we can still be excited about the well-hyped press conference on January 26th. What do you expect to see in the iSlate? Let us know.

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  1. It seems highly unlikely that it would have a DVD drive in it since Apple and the industry is moving toward digital download and solid state.

  2. I know it does seem odd. But DVD and VD's are still widely used. It could be possible that they use one. I dont know though, we'll just have to wait ad see. :/

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. You are full of crap – totally, completely, 100% full of crap.

  5. John Doe Says:
  6. The text here is hogwash. For one thing, who on this planet would want a MacBook and a PC combined? Makes no sense whatsoever.

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