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Apple Ditching Google for Bing?

Posted by Videos Gone Viral Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remember that search engine you shrugged off just a couple months back? Well now it could become a mainstay in your daily routine if Apple decides to ditch Google and bring in Bing as their default search engine.

BusinessWeek has reported that Apple is currently in talks with Microsoft regarding their search engine for the new iPhone. This news has come after competition between Apple and Google has risen over the past year or so, especially with Google introducing a whole new line of phones of their own such as the Nexus. If Apple does however decide to make the switch, Google will definitively lose boatloads of money as much of their income comes from ad revenues from iPhones. Apparently, these talks have been going on for weeks.

This rivalry first began when Google CEO Eric Schmidt vacated the Apple board and picked up Lala and Quattro Wireless. The release of Google Chrome, the Droid, and the iPhone killer "Nexus," may all have increased tensions between the technology giants. Isn't a little healthy competition fun?

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